Connecting Generations through Lasting Legacies

Women’s Enrichment Series

Here are some sample programs from the Purposeful Planning Women's Enrichment Series which can be customized for your donors.

Women and Wellness:

A holistic approach to total wellbeing – including maximizing and integrating physical health, financial health, relational health.

Women and Wealth:

How can I have the answers when I don’t know the questions?  What every woman needs to know about investing, taxes, estate and legacy planning.

Women and Wisdom:

The American culture often encourages us to achieve and acquire in ways which leave us empty and exhausted.  Discover the three toxic Money Myths of the American Culture and how to replace them with Money Messages that enrich our lives and lead to inner peace.

Women and Wholeness:

Yes, I know I “can do it all”.  What I need to know is how to align my relationships and work and money and faith so that I feel connected and complete.

Women Who Win:

Designed especially for the career woman. We’ll cover how to create meaningful relationships that work and last, tips for building successful careers, and ideas on how to avoid money traps while building real wealth.

Women and Happiness:

Recent research proves the connection between giving, happiness, and well-being.  Discover why this is so and how to feel happier, connect more deeply with those you love most, and reach a new sense of purpose and well-being.

Programs for All Donors

Life, Leadership and Legacy:

In addition to providing clear steps for “finding and speaking our own voice,” this program also introduces the five aspects of life that shape our legacy. (3 hours)

The Three American Great Money Myths and How to Overcome Them:

Based on Lynne Twist’s book, The Soul of Money, this program identifies the Three Great Money Myths and how to replace them with self-selected empowering replacement messages. As participants move beyond fear and scarcity, replacing these beliefs with abundance and gratitude, philanthropy becomes a natural outcome from living life in this new space. (2 hours)

The Legacy Process: Finding Connection, Voice, Purpose and Vision:

This introduces the Journey on the Pathway of Awareness. Along the journey, we talk about the progression that leads to realizing one’s life purpose and the creation of a high vision for his/her/their life. A new understanding of Inspired Philanthropy is a natural part of the journey. (2 hours)

Fulfilling Our Six Human Needs through Purposeful Planning:

This program explores the six human needs and offers ideas on how best to meet them. Because the Need to Contribute is one of the six, this program offers another easy way to begin the philanthropic conversation. (2 hours)

The Three Secrets of Flourishing Families:

Another popular program that shares the three secrets of families that have successfully stayed connected relationally and financially for more than three generations. It also explains the key role that sustained philanthropy plays in the lives of these families. (2 hours)

How Your Family Can Become a Flourishing Family:

Through the use of an on-line survey, we can deliver an Executive Summary to the family which outlines exactly what needs to be done for the family to flourish generation after generation. Shared family philanthropy is a key component in this process. (This offering would be a follow-up for families who attend The Three Secrets of Flourishing Families and want to create a specific plan for their own family.)

Writing Your Family Love Letter:

With life racing by so quickly, we all need meaningful and lasting ways to connect with those we love.

“Ethical wills or family love letters” are a way to share your values, blessings, life lessons, hopes, forgiveness and love with your family, friends and community.

While a testamentary will is a legal document that passes on your personal valuables, the Ethical Will is more of a love letter that passes on your beliefs, memories, stories and love. Kleenex provided! (2 hours)

The Legacy Chat:

Similar to a Love Letter, the Legacy Chat provides the opportunity to create an audio version of what it is that is most important to pass on to those we love most in the world. This program is ideal for widows as well as for couples. (2 hours)

Growing Givers into Transformational Philanthropists:

Transformational Philanthropists are distinctly different from donors. In this program, we explore the Seven Levels of Stewardship which leads to Transformational Giving. (2 hours)

The Ultimate Gift: Creating Multi-Generational Transformational Donors:

This program connects the family generations by discovering common values and core life beliefs and creating The Family Money Tree. Philanthropy is one of the key tap roots of the tree. (6 hours) (For those families who “want more”, this follows the program on transformational philanthropy above.)