Connecting Generations through Lasting Legacies

Team of Affinity

Chris Conlan Chris Conlan


Chris has an exceptional ability to motivate people by utilizing her outstanding interpersonal and communication skills. She has the unique ability to work creatively with various modalities emphasizing legacy, empowerment and within family systems. Chris combines these skills with a profound commitment to philanthropy and has helped raise over $30 million in gifts for not-for-profit organizations. Chris is a skilled, compassionate member of the Connect-Gens team.

Barbara A. CulverBarbara A. Culver


Barb brings vast personal and professional life experiences to share. She balances a mastery in the quantitative aspects of traditional financial and estate planning with her passion for qualitative work with individuals, couples and families. Barb teams with other top professionals nationally to offer Purposeful Planning – their unique process which encourages individuals, couples and families to maximize all of their potential - financial and personal - individually and collectively. Thoughtfully applying the concepts of both qualitative and quantitative planning, Barb and her team partner with clients using keen skills and unique insights to create alignment within families which perpetuates their values and their material wealth while also emphasizing family connection and fulfillment of shared purpose.

Barb developed a philanthropic specialty through over 20 years of consulting with non-profits to build endowments using donor-centered legacy strategies within the Purposeful Planning model. She is the “go to” person on the team on the subject of money.

Earning her Bachelors Degree in Education from Bowling Green State University, a Chartered Life Underwriter (1984), Chartered Financial Consultant (1987), Certified Financial Planner® (1988) and Accredited Estate Planner (2007) and ongoing continuing education anchors Barb’s quantitative expertise. She also speaks extensively locally and nationally.

If you want to experience an expansive legacy view which links the generations while uniting them with a common purpose, if you want to understand the future of intergenerational planning within a transformational, proprietary process, then Barb and her team are expecting you.

Steve CulverSteve Culver

Steve is the business manager and handles the day to day operations for Connect-Gens as well as the website and information technology.  He coordinates communication and information sharing between the team and Connect-Gens clients.  He also provides logistical arrangements for all speaking events along with the presentations and training material used for local and national speaking engagements.

Steve works with clients to schedule and prepare them for client retreats and family meetings.  He prepares all meeting summaries, purpose and vision statements along with personalized Family Money Trees.  Working with not-for-profit clients, he coordinates and designs custom presentations, enabling them to better carry out their purpose to their members and the community.

As an owner of Connect-Gens, Steve considers it a privilege for having helped design the Purposeful Planning System - a unique planning process for individuals and families.

Terry HuntTerry Hunt


Terry is a licensed psychologist who brings to his work an enthusiasm for personal and professional fulfillment in his clients' lives.

In addition to his family business interests, Terry maintains a clinical private practice in Boston, MA with individuals, groups, and couples with sub-specialties in addictive disorders and older adolescents. He lectures on various topics that make psychological tools accessible and useful to lay audiences and to families.

A third generation heir to the Alcoa Aluminum fortune, Terry endorses the perspective that building effective families and resolving inherent differing interests and all perspectives among multi-generational family members must take into account the psychological make-up of the individuals involved. Using humor and a warm interviewing style, Terry engages clients in careful assessment of their personal ways of accomplishing tasks, problem-solving, and providing leadership. He introduces techniques that challenge clients to learn about how they function when stressed. When managed properly, stress can lead to creativity and a sense of a hard job done well.

Using both personal experience and professional training, Terry has consulted successfully to a number of families of means and prominence around topics such as summer homes, family foundations, and family meetings. He also worked with two internationally known musical groups. Using the Purposeful Planning model, Terry's primary commitment is to achieving agreed upon goals anchored in shared family values, beliefs and traditions.

He brings a deep faith in one’s ability to solve problems and this faith inspires and encourages clients to take steps they had not considered before. When properly designed, a meeting is both productive and enlivening. Participants come away with the required information because it was clearly presented and because of the tacit pleasure of convivially from being part of a thriving family.

Kristin KeffelerKristin Keffeler


Kristin is a business and leadership coach who supports the next generation in affluent families to build the courage to pursue their own Big Ideas while developing the business and life skills to successfully translate those Big Ideas into reality. As the second generation in an affluent family, and the ‘next generation advisor’ on many collaborative multigenerational advisory teams, she brings a unique perspective on the path that inheritors can take to thriving in the presence of wealth.

Kristin’s background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology and Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Management with an emphasis in Public Health. She is a trained and certified professional coach specializing in peak performance and soup-to-nuts business and idea development and implementation.

Kristin is an alumni of the 21/64 multigenerational training and she has been a presenter for the Family Office Exchange and an invited facilitator for the Collaboration for Family Flourishing on the topic of creating collaborative multigenerational advisory teams to support successful multigenerational families.

Dr. Deborah OotenDr. Deborah Ooten


Deborah brings a dynamic and results-oriented approach to the table powered by her passionate mission to improve the lives of everyone she meets by increasing conscious awareness.  Dr. Ooten’s passion was rooted and realized in her own experience with her family.  Deborah’s desire to understand and help her family and the achievement that followed led her to pursue a B.S. degree in Occupational Therapy (Body), followed by a Masters in Philosophy (Heart) and ultimately a PhD in Psychology (Mind).  Dr. Ooten serves internationally as a cooperative specialist in consciousness. She has served as President of the International Enneagram Association and the International Enneagram Association’s USA Affiliate, and continues to serve. 

Through her experience and education, Deborah has successfully founded and directed several companies herself including: The Conscious Living Center, Conscious Dynamics and Consciousness in Action – realizing her dream of making the world a more conscious place.  Dr. Ooten has also helped numerous business leaders, individuals and families realize their objectives and exceed their potential by increasing awareness and understanding of themselves and others.  

Deborah believes that lives can be transformed by attending to how our personality separates us from ourselves, others and the divine.  As a gifted trainer and coach, she brings her expertise on the Enneagram and Spiral Dynamics together in a unique system she designed herself to bridge simple concepts and immediate results for motivated families. 

Her coupling of the Enneagram’s powerful and cutting edge personality typing system with the Spiral Dynamics’ system to measure conscious awareness are what set her apart as an innovative and sought after authority in conscious awareness.  The intersection of personal experience, professional accomplishment, compassionate listening and a direct change agent approach make Dr. Ooten an invaluable part of the Purposeful Planning team.

Courtney PullenCourtney Pullen


Courtney Pullen M.A., LPC, is the President of the Pullen Consulting Group, a Denver Colorado based firm that specializes in management consulting, executive coaching, family wealth counseling, leadership development, communication training and team building.

He received his graduate degree in Psychology in 1983 from the University of Northern Colorado. He is a Clinical Associate at the Professional School of Psychology at the University of Denver and had been an Instructor at both the University of Colorado at Denver and the Community College of Aurora.

As a key member of the Purposeful Planning team, Courtney brings expertise in the areas of intergenerational family communication, creating a clear vision regarding the families high calling and is a skilled family meeting facilitator. He has frequently lectured, conducted numerous workshops and trainings in the areas of individual and organizational change.

Pullen has over twenty five years of experience in helping organizations and individuals through change and growth as a business consultant, psychotherapist and professional speaker. The Pullen Consulting Group has worked with a variety of industries from manufacturing to professional services firms. Courtney inspires those with whom it works “to stretch and grow from where they are where they want to be”. Courtney recently published a book, Intentional Wealth: How Families Build Legacies of Stewardship and Financial Health.

John A. WarnickJohn A. Warnick


John is a Fellow of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, a member of AFHE (Attorneys for Family Held Enterprises) and Advisors in Philanthropy. He also serves as a member of the advisory board of the Family Building Institute.

Committed to Purposeful Planning, John balances his enthusiasm for tax savings with insightful questions which insure the planning is congruent with the client’s core values. He spends approximately twenty percent of his professional life facilitating family retreats and providing wealth counseling and fiduciary consulting services. Bringing and expertise in family governance to the Purposeful Planning team, he particularly enjoys what he describes as “Beneficiary Preparation”: educating, training and mentoring adolescents and emerging adults in financial literacy, philanthropic service, and holistic family wealth principles.

Working with a team of nationally recognized family wealth coaches and psychologists, John has explored the intersection of wealth and emerging adulthood. That collaboration led to an exploration on how trustees are reacting to the sociological phenomena of emerging adulthood. He brings great expertise in helping successfully launch emerging adult beneficiaries and other family members into life.

John willing shares his deep wisdom and vast experience with motivated families who engage in the Purposeful Planning process.

Thayer WillisThayer Willis


Thayer is an internationally recognized author and expert in the area of wealth counseling. Since 1990, she has specialized in helping people of all ages handle the psychological challenges of wealth. Born into the founding family of the multi-billion dollar Georgia-Pacific Corporation, she has a unique insider’s perspective on the privileges and tragedies that wealthy families encounter on a regular basis.

Thayer is a very popular speaker, facilitator, and counselor and is famous for her caring, no-nonsense, practical approach to resolving conflict. She helps people create new communication pathways between generations, prioritize parenting tasks, and instill financial responsibility in young family members. Her book, Navigating the Dark Side of Wealth: A Life Guide for Inheritors (New Concord Press) has received excellent reviews.  In 2012, Thayer published her second book Beyond Gold: True Wealth for Inheritors (New Concord Press).