Connecting Generations through Lasting Legacies

Serving Not-for-Profits

A unique possibility exists for creating a relationship between not-for-profit organizations and Connect-Gens.  Based on the understanding that “Donor Centered Transformational Philanthropy” has replaced the outdated traditional "ask", the Purposeful Planning Process naturally creates the opportunity to have the donor centered, values - based conversation.

When donors realize that the not-for-profit organization is offering them the opportunity to clarify their values and guiding life beliefs, to more clearly define their life passion and purpose and to keep their families connected - regardless of whether this results in a gift to that particular organization - they eagerly participate with us.

The reasons for this are that many people are continuously seeking to find “their clear path and direction in life".  Parents and grandparents are also deeply concerned about perpetuating their values with their children and grandchildren.  Many of today's families yearn to be closer to one another and to have the confidence that they will stay connected - no matter what.

Blending these reasons with the research that indicates sustained philanthropy is always a part of families’ planning who managed to stay close and connected for more than three generations and it becomes increasingly clear why the Purposeful Planning Process provides a pathway to increased giving.

We would be pleased to engage in a conversation with you regarding your particular situation, gaps and goals.